JM's list of associations

He is associated with and/or runs the following events: 
Steampunk World's Faire (NOTE: T.S. owns the IP for SPWF, even though JM is attempting to take it back)
Geeky Kink Event (classic and New England) (NOTE: the IP of GKE has been sold to Turtle Hill Events in early Feb 2018)
Impurity Ball (no longer live site, here is Way Back)
Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire (NOTE: no longer associated with JM, however one of their performers is highly questionable) 
Clockwork - Jeff Mach's monthly Steampunk night!
Halloween in the Catskills
Wicked Labyrinth
Alternative Living Expo
World Medical Cannabis Expo
Too Much Sugar Day
UPDATE: Evil Expo 2020
UPDATE April 2021: partnered with Itz-A-Con 2021

partnered with Dark Side of the Con (NOTE: no longer partnered as of early Feb 2018)

Also., per email from Jeff back in 2011: 

  • Audience Participatory “Airplane!” The Movie
  • World’s first 3D Rocky Horror Picture Show showing (under [name redacted per request; event from over 20 years ago, has not worked with JM since])
  • The Great Countercultural Convention
  • Cult Movie Overnights I-III
  • The Final Cult Movie Overnight
  •  SalonCon (just kidding, Josh!)  (NOTE: SalonCon has never been associated with JME)
  • The Midsummer Magick Faire (NOTE: no longer associated) 
  • The Totally Normal Event
  • The Wicked Good Time
  • Halloween In December
  • Halloween In December II, the Isaac Bonewits Benefit
  • The Dark Fantasy Faire
  • The Dark Fantasy Faire II:  Yoshiwara Village 
  • The Anachronism
  • Jeff Mach’s Wicked Labyrinth
  • NJ Cuisine and Comfort Expo I and II
  • Crucible (NOTE: no longer associated) 
  • SPWF

His companies have been (as far as I know): 
Widdershins, Inc

Technically, Widdershins, Inc is the only actual business. The other two are not.

(Above taken from original blog post, for ease of access)


  1. Can we have a caveat to Midsummer that he is no longer associated with it? Different and better people run it now.

  2. JM was only attached to Crucible in as much as helping connect the con runner to the original hotel. It has been independent of him in the 8+ years since.

  3. Widdershins is Widdershins, LLC.

    One Widdershins, Inc. is owned by a Michael Swanson of Phoenixville, PA, and has existed since 1997 without current documented link to Jeff Mach. A second Widdershins Inc. is under president Lisa Greene based in Louisville, KY. A third Widdershins Inc/Wicked Events appears to be spurious, possibly from a mistaken name mixup.

    —Aisling n.

    1. According to the State of NJ, there is
      Widdershins, LLC (since 1998)
      Widdershins, INC dba Jeff Mach Events (since 2016)

  4. OK here we go, Geeky Kink Event and Geeky Kink Event New England are no longer associated with Jeff Mach or Just Magical Events, they were sold to Turtle Hill Events

    Dark Side of the Con is also no longer associated with Jeff Mach or Just Magical Events

  5. Is anything going on with the cease and desist letter he was given to not do his 'Evil" event?

    1. As soon as I hear more, I will post. I've been in contact with Remy, THE's lawyer.

  6. He is now associated with Itz-a-con