Posted with permission, PM, Jan 25 2018:
Hey, just wanted to say THANK YOU for naming and shaming Jeff Mach.
While he never wronged me personally (from what I can recall), I will say that at my first (and only) Wicked Faire, during his set, Voltaire joked that he was going to rape me because I was heckling him slightly.
And if anything surfaces (video/audio) that proves my memory faulty about it, I’ll gladly retract what I say. It was 7 years ago, and I was a different person then.


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  2. Everybody would make tacky jokes like that back in the day, and Voltaire isn't the kind of guy to go around raping people. Hell, he's even gone s far as to completely change his demeanor at events today vs. how he used to be. I don't find this reputable at all. Sounds like someone didn't understand the context of something that MAY have been said.

    Also....don't heckle people at shows. I'd hope a horse cock attacked you if you did that to me.

    1. I do know that Voltaire is considered "handsy," but beyond that, I don't know much in the way of details.