Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life choices of my downstairs neighbor

It is way past my bedtime. I realise that I am a grownup and therefore 11pm should be the time to watch the news, grab one last bowl of ice cream, and get ready for the work day ahead. I, however, need to be awake at 5:45 am, so I can get to work by 7am. Therefore, 11pm is very, very, late.

I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be. I started it to separate myself from another blog of mine, under a different name, just so I can post things that aren't "professional" or "non-controversial," as I tend to be on my other blog. I think my post about Target's shitty treatment of plus-size women has been a great start for that.

It is 11pm, I'm ready for bed, my downstairs neighbor is making poor life choices. She had some guy over last night who was too drunk to see the numbers on the doorbell, so he rang mine for 20 minutes (at 1am) instead of hers. That alone makes him a poor life choice. He is lucky that the cops were not called on him for harassment.
This picture is for her:

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