Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Further reactions

We are all going forward (Feb 1)

Turtle Hill Events & Update Feb 2

JME comment on Voltaire, Jan 31

Gray Ribbons

Hotel (copied):
Just an FYI for those who wanted to cancel and felt they could not get a refund (Tammy did not answer those questions), the Hyatt IS very much aware of the issue (and no,  contrary to Tammy's claim,  no one was harassing/threatening hotel staff or the hotel.   That was just another gaslight moment to protect JMEs image.  The Hyatt has just had a lot of calls from reasonably concerned patrons and vendors.) and IS offering refunds.   The contact person is Hannah at 609 734 4081.  Can you make a more public post regarding this where you think it needs to be said?   Hyatt believes the victims.

Note: this seems to be iffy. Some people are reporting they have gotten hotel refunds, others not. It is recommended to try phone and social media options to reach the hotel if you wish to pursue a refund.

Followup: " (same source):
She said the ones wishing refund have to specifically state it is a request due to "safety concerns and the allegations of assault" for her manager to approve it.  She's very nice about it. "

Local PD (thanks to C.A.)

FURTHER Emergency Information

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