Friday, January 25, 2019

JME lawsuit PR

Press Release about THE's lawsuit against Jeff Mach


January 25, 2019 – Turtle Hill Events LLC, the premier alternative events producer, filed suit in New Jersey state court today against Jeff Mach, his companies, and the cosigners to his agreement with Turtle Hill. The agreement between Turtle Hill Events and Jeff Mach provides that neither Jeff Mach nor his companies may compete with Turtle Hill Events, and that Jeff Mach personally cannot produce a kink or kink-related event.  At this time, Mach is launching an event that is in violation of his contract with Turtle Hill.

“As stated in our open letter to Mach’s attorney, Mach has been engaged in an apparent attempt to test the boundaries of our agreement with him.  In filing this lawsuit, we are making it clear:  this stops here,” said Cat C., chief executive officer of Turtle Hill Events.

Mach obviously intends for the so-called ‘Evil Expo’ to be a revival and combination of Wicked Faire and Geeky Kink Event, as plainly prohibited by our contract.  The name even appears to have come from Mach simply opening up Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus to the fourth synonyms for ‘Wicked’ and ‘Fair[e],'” said J. Remy Green, Turtle Hill’s attorney.  “We have tried working this out without going to court, but Mach and his attorney have refused to deal with us with anything other than bad faith and contempt.”   Mx. Green added, “as of this week, Mach has abandoned any pretense, and is using graphics that reference Geeky Kink Event — the event we purchased from him — to promote ‘Evil Expo.’”

In public statements since the disagreement began, Mach identified Turtle Hill as “actual, specific business rivals.”  Such statements may indicate that he is intending to, or already engaging in, a return to running events that violate the non-competition agreement.

Turtle Hill has explored and exhausted all options to resolve this issue without litigation.  This suit is being initiated to safeguard Turtle Hill’s rights and investments that were agreed upon by all parties in the original negotiations and commemorated in the parties’ written contract.

About Turtle Hill Events
Based in Buckingham, Pennsylvania, Turtle Hill Events, LLC is a premier alternative events producer for an adventurous clientele.  The company’s motto is, “Great events for great people.” Each year the company produces approximately three quality events which serve hundreds of participants. The firm’s popular events include THE Beltane, THE D+G NE and THE Crossroads, and previously produced THE Rope Camp.  For more information, check out
To view a pdf of the complaint, click here.

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  1. Judge Wilson handed down a decision on November 13, 2020. Those interested in FACTS can look it up at: Superior Court of NJ, Law Division, Bergen County, Docket No.: Ber-L-644-19. The Judge decided almost every point in favor of Jeff Mach.

    1. Much appreciated on the update. I'm browsing the documents now and I'll post soon. Thanks!