Saturday, October 9, 2021

JM: email to vendors

 A reminder to everyone to steer clear of JM and his events. This is the type of email he sends out. This email was sent out to former vendors:


Have you vended with me before and made a ton of money?

Yes, you have.

Behold! Your last chance. 

Come vend at the Halloween City Vendor and Oddities Market! It's got 3,000 people and you'll do very well. 

Otherwise, I expect to never, ever see a single one of you complain that I took your money, stole your money, or cheated me, and I'll sue you if I see you say it without documentation, because it's not true. Tammy Shipps, Silver Phoenix, and Michael Whitehouse took your money. You can believe what you want; but because this is what I do, my vendors make money, their vendors make nothing, since they do nothing. 

Come vend with us. Email me.

Or, you know, claim that I robbed you, which is both libel and slander, and no good between friends. Up to you! 

Last chance. Email me back and make money, or ignore me and lose money. Your hoice [sp]. 


Jeff Mach,

greatest promoter in the Northeast"

Also, a reminder about gaslighting (i.e., "when someone intentionally twists your perception of reality for their own gain"). I'm not saying that JM is gaslighting anyone, but please consider for yourself:

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  1. Wow...seriously?! Someone's petty and childish.