Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Vendor gift certificates

 I was recently contacted by someone who was considering vending at the Oddities Market at Blackthorne. Since they were on one of the email threads, they got a chain email called "Good luck getting Jeff to Pay you"

This email brought up the vendor gift certificates (formerly known as "Jeff Bucks") and:

"In this email it details how he's telling vendors there's no money left to pay them, trying to get them to roll over their credit to next year, threatening to ban them from every even in the north east, etc."

According to JM, he paid out $13,000 in vendor gift certificates. 

Per the email snippets I was sent, it sounds like some people were paid and others were not. 

Can vendors please confirm this information? Were you paid? 

I would also like to share this snippet from a conversation on the Discord server:


you helped spread the message that we were short on cash and wanted people to roll over their gift certs into next year. 

which is exactly the message I wanted you to spread. 

but I love catching you people and dissecting you. The wounded innocence. The pretended noninvolvement. The coincidental nonanswers. The way you say one thing to me, then I have screenshots of you saying other things to other people. 

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