Tuesday, February 22, 2022

DSotC 2022

 Since people are asking about Dark Side of the Con, I figured I'd post something. 

Jet of Vampire Freaks has been directly asked if JM is involved with DSotC. Jet's quote that I received via a third party is:

"You are correct we want nothing to do with Jeff Mach. It is true that Madame X has frequented Jeff Mach events in the past (as many other people have), and I did have a talk with her about that when we first hired her as part of our staff a few months ago, because you're right we do not want any connection with Jeff Mach. Madame X understands that now that she is working for Dark Side of the Con, she will not be involved with Jeff Mach events."

Yes, Madame X was a presenter/performer at Evil Expo in 2019. Yes, she has hosted JM at Iron Garden events as recently as 2019, as far as I can tell with some quick research. 

The cynic in me wants to distrust everything until proven otherwise. The baby bat in me who remembers the VampireFreak message boards wants VF to be a safe, spooky space. 

That all being said, people can and do grow with time. 

If you are attending DSotC, as with all events, please support the vendors (they are locked in at this point), keep an eye on you and yours, don't leave drinks unattended, and don't be afraid to contact hotel security if need be. 

Edit/Update (Feb 23, 2022): I am compiling information about any involvement of Madame X with JM and his events. If anyone has further information, on either side, please let me know. 

Edit/Update (Feb 23, 2022): Please note that Baron Voltage is performing at both Evil Expo events and at Dark Side of the Con 4. 


  1. This is from the email conversation that I had with them. There is more information that connects them to JME more recently. If you wish to know more feel free to message me.

  2. Hi Bre, I'd like more information about this. How do I get in touch with you?