Tuesday, January 25, 2022

THE vs. JME lawsuit update Jan 2022

 I have no details, but, as far as I can glean, the case was settled. 

Case Number: BER L-000644-19 

Case Caption: Turtle Hill Events, Llc Vs Widdershins, Inc 

Court: Civil Part 

Venue: Bergen 

Case Initiation Date: 01/25/2019 

Case Type: Contract/Commercial Transaction 

Case Status: Closed

Case Disposition: Settled-While Scheduled For Trial

This was filed in Oct 2021 on THE's behalf: 

I represent Plaintiff in the matter named above. I am pleased to tell the Court that the parties have reached a settlement in principle. With that said, there is a motion pending and the parties need some additional time to finalize the terms of the settlement. I spoke briefly with Chambers today and was told a letter requesting this adjournment was the appropriate path to take. Thus, I write — with Defendants’ consent — to request the pending motion and scheduled trial both be adjourned sine die. We thank the Court for its time and consideration. 


  1. J. Remy Green and Cat Castells turned down a $50k settlement which would have prevented Jeff Mach from holding any kink events. They are getting 10K three years later. REmy took this case on a pro bono basis, and was overpaid. Cat Castells, asked to define a "kink" event was unable to do so. Cat claimed Evil Expo was a "kink" event. Cat also swore under oath that she had never posted on this site. The court decided every point in Jeff's favor. Please look up "Whatever happened to Free Spirit Beltane?" for more about Cat's ethics.

    1. I would love to see proof of your assertion re the 50k.

      Cat has never posted to this site as far as I know (obviously most people use screen names and I cannot verify who everyone is, like yourself).

      As far as I know, "settled" means that there is no winner or loser, and nothing in anyone's favor, but with JME having to pay $10k, it seems like THE won something.

    2. If you were interested in facts, you would know that Turtle Hill lost every point. The case was not settled, it was dismissed with prejudice. If Turtle Hill wants to sue, they will have to pay Jeff Mach's legal fees. Confidential documents regarding this case have appeared on this blog. The lost every point, and their attorney worked four years for 10K. Try Facebook for more details about Cat Castells and Turtle Hill.

    3. "Dismissed with prejudice" only means that "Dismissal with prejudice means that the plaintiff cannot refile the same claim again in that court" (per Cornell Law). All that means is that THE cannot refile the same claims against JME. From what you state, JME has to pay $10k to THE, which sounds like THE won something. I didn't even dig through public court documents for an amount, so maybe you have some further insider information that I lack.

      I'm not sure what "confidential documents" you are referring to. Everything I posted is public via the NJ Courts.

      If you have further information, please feel free to email me and I will happily post if you'd like.