Tales regarding performers (related topic)

Posted with permission, Facebook comment on Jan 25th, accredited to M.G.: 
I’ve been sick to my stomach since everything came out. I was aware that JM used shady business practices and had problems w organization and breaking promises. I even knew that he has let certain performers or guests come who have sexual allegations against them (but not the full extent. I knew about Wyck after the fact and I personally know someone named Rob he invites as a panelist whom is a creepy f*ck. I don’t think I knew about Voltaire and I knew nothing about Snake Eyes although I distinctly recall him as the walking billboard). I was completely unaware about the abuse JM himself is accused of or that he protected rapists.

My own issues w JM seem insignificant in comparison.

I heard the story from a reliable source, he’s (Wyck) accused of rape. I’ve heard vague allegations against Voltaire as well.

My issues were in relation to panels I used to present at SPWF and Wicked. I would get very poor room placements and often times got stuck in windowless rooms and my panels are surprisingly popular so it got so crowded and hot I almost fainted in my own panels a few times.


  1. These are NOT unfounded accusations. PERIOD. Details have been given by the victims to those who are in authority over the events. In no instance are these poor people required to provide details to the general public. Suffice to say several people came forward, some of whom do not know one another, to file complaints. SUFFICE TO SAY that an entire community stood by these women because they BELIEVED in them.
    Forcing a victim of sexual assault to once again relive their attack is heartless and lacks ANY SHRED of empathy.

  2. The Cosplay Chronicle link seems dead, and nothing on archive.org available.

  3. I have a question. I having been going to The Wicked Winter Fair and The Steampunk World's Fair. One of the things I always liked, was the atmosphere. To think that this kind of thing was happening is sickening, to say the least. My question is, these are really serious accusations of really serious acts. Has anybody gone to the police? Why is all the pressure being put on SPS, or whoever is running the events? The Police really need to be involved as well. We are talking about very illegal activity.

    1. I do know that the county police are currently involved. I do not know to what extent.